In the Community

The community section of  the Mouth Care Matters initiative is working towards the priority of improving oral health and healthcare principally for those resident in care homes. By helping to raise awareness of the importance of good oral health, both for quality of life and for general health. We aim to establish a sustainable quality standard for the oral healthcare of older persons.

This work is interdisciplinary and involves many stakeholders and third sector parties. The initiative will eventually be extended to those being cared for within the wider community.

Sustainability is key to a successful initiative. It is intended that by raising the profile of activity and lobbying, an oral healthcare standard may be set for care homes by the Care Quality Commission and by local authorities.

Community Research Report

In 2016 Health Education England commissioned a study to gather accurate data on the daily mouth care provided in care homes including tooth brushing, oral health assessment, and recording of care provided.  The results of this study can be found here.