Mouth Care Matters Comes To Croydon

MCM Commences Training for the National Roll-Out at Croydon University Hospital – 27th and 28th February 2017. Despite the cold and snow, eight enthusiastic staff from Croydon University Hospital attended their two-day training session for Mouth Care Matters. The staff consisted of Practice Educators, Nurses, Health Care Assistants and a Speech and Language Therapist.  The … Read more

Mouth Care Matters – Working to improve the oral health of people with Neuro-disability.

Mouth Care Matters working in partnership with the Royal Hospital of Neuro-disability. Mouth Care Matters is delighted to be working with the Royal Hospital of Neuro-disability (RHN) to develop an oral health training programme supporting staff, carers and patients to maintain good oral health. The RHN is a specialist residential neuro-disability hospital in South London … Read more

Mouth Care Matters in an Acute Setting: “Dentist on the Wards – A Dental Core Trainee Perspective”

A reflection by Rachael Otukoya, a Dental Core Trainee in Special Care Dentistry at Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust. Working in East Surrey Hospital as a dental core trainee has given me a unique insight into seeing patients on the wards. Patients, of different ages, genders and reasons for being admitted into hospital-either due … Read more

Mouth Care Matters Announces Exciting Video Tutorial on How to Brush Your Teeth

Mouth Care Matters is delighted to offer this new informative video on the proper way for tooth brushing. This clear and instructive resource illustrates the appropriate way to brush your teeth.  It also instructs the proper way to care for and brush another individual’s teeth.  This is a valuable resource especially to those who must … Read more

“Putting your money where your mouth is” The MCM team make the case at Expo 2017

The Mouth Care Matters (MCM) team introduced by the Chief Dental Officer for England, Sara Hurley gave a passionate talk on the benefits of investing in oral health training for all staff working in care settings. The session took place at Health and Care Innovation Expo on 11th September 2017. Chief Dental Officer for England Sara Hurley introduced the team … Read more

Cost Benefit Analysis Report for Mouth Care Matters Programme

With the ever-increasing pressures placed upon our health and social care systems, any interventions made need to improve outcomes, increase safety and/or provide better value. The ideal scenario is all three are achieved by implementing the intervention. This report has been conducted to understand the impact achieved through the Mouth Care Matters programme.  It also … Read more