Mouth Care Matters Resources

Mouth Care Matters has developed a wide range of resources which are all free to view or download

Mouth Care Matters Guide (Second Edition)

This guide complements the Mouth Care Matters training that is currently being delivered in hospitals.

The information to the best of our knowledge is up-to-date and evidence-based.  Much of the focus of the guide is from experiences of our team on the wards.





Mouth Care Matters Toolkit

The toolkit covers audits, staff and patient surveys, training ideas, people to collaborate with in a hospital and how to develop a mouth care improvement plan. This toolkit was written following our experiences of rolling MCM out over the past 3 years.






Mouth Care Assessment and Recording Form (Longer version) 

This tool has been developed by the Mouth Care Matters team, working alongside nursing staff and allied health care professions.  It has been audited and modified based on feedback.  The recording pack consists of three parts:

(a) Mouth care screening – front page – to help identify high risk patients

(b) Mouth care assessment – inside pages – to plan what support and care is needed

(c) Daily recording sheet – back page.

This entire form can be adapted to be used in different formats.  For example, some trusts may use a stand-alone tool, others may have it as part of a bundle of nursing care plans and others may use it digitally.


Mouth Care Assessment and Recording Form (Shorter version)

This tool is a modification of the above and has been developed from staff feedback to create for more space to record mouth care.






Oral Health Needs Assessment & Oral Care Plan Combined 

This tool has been developed for individuals in care homes.

It screens to identify oral health problems, creates an oral care plan and has a recording sheet.



Product Order Information Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide hospital staff with information regarding different tools and products available, and how to order suitable mouth care products for inpatients.

MCM is not affiliated with any brand, company or product.





Dental Fact sheets 

The HEE Dental and Pharmacy teams across LaSE have collaborated to produce a series of dental fact sheets for community pharmacy. The fact sheets are intended to support and refresh knowledge and be used as a learning aid by all patient-facing staff in pharmacy when dealing with common dental presentations, helping community pharmacy teams to manage urgent dental and oral symptoms and to signpost patients to other services where indicated.

These fact sheets will also be useful to any health care professional to understand more about dental conditions.  The fact sheets can be viewed online or downloaded either individually or as a complete set and printed out for your staff to use.



Mouth Care Matters Policy

This policy is based on one that was developed for the MCM pilot Trust, and can be used and adapted by others who wish to develop a mouth care policy in their place of work.





These publications have been written by the MCM team on various areas of the project.

Directly observed daily mouth care provided to care home residents in one area of Kent, UK

Standardising the delivery of oral health care practice in hospitals

An investigation into denture loss in hospitals in Kent, Surrey and Sussex

Putting the mouth back into the body

Management of a hospitalised patient with dementia

Selecting the right tools for mouth care delivery in hospitals

Principles of effective oral and denture care in adults

Knowledge of junior doctors in managing oral conditions in adult inpatients 

Dental care pathways for adult inpatients in an acute hospital: a five-year service evaluation



Mouth Care Assessment guide

This poster provides a visual guide to the Mouth Care Assessment Form.






How to complete an oral assessment

This resource is a visual aid reminder of the steps that should be carried out when assessing a mouth, the importance of mouth care recording and denture care.






How to complete an oral assessment (minus Sunflower)

This resource is a visual aid reminder of the steps that should be carried out when assessing a mouth, the importance of mouth care recording and denture care.  This poster is for Trusts that do not use the sunflower sign for dentures.





The Denture Sunflower

Denture loss is an issue in hospitals and can be very distressing for patients.  Sunflower signs are sometimes used as a visual reminder that a patient wears a denture.  This poster is a visual reminder to the importance of being vigilant for dentures on meal trays and in bed linen.





Denture Care

Another poster highlighting the importance of keeping dentures safe when not in the mouth.






These short animation clips are for staff/carers and family who support patients in hospital with mouth care.

How To Brush Your Teeth

How To Clean A Denture

How To Provide Care For A Dry Mouth

The Mouth Care Assessment and Recording Form

Now You Have Teeth

The Links Between Oral Health And General Health

Betty’s Story

Supporting Patients In Hospital Who Are Resistant To Mouth Care

Mouth Care at the end of life


This is an MDTea podcast that discusses the importance of oral health in the ageing population, there are some useful references and an infographic.

Mouth Care and Oral Health



This is a series of blogs that were used to support the importance of oral health at the British Society of Geriatrics Conference in 2017.

Why Mouth Care Matters: British Geriatrics Society

Denture Loss: British Geriatrics Society

Why Worry About Mouth Care: British Geriatrics Society


Case Study

The Importance of Raising Awareness of Oral Cancer to Our Allied Healthcare Professionals